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DIY (Do-It-Yourself) - paint your bags KIT by Earthworks

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

As we are growing increasingly conscious about our environment and changing our lifestyles to be more sustainable, we are constantly are on the lookout for Eco-friendly alternatives.

Paint Your Bags Kit

Introducing Earthworks DIY Hobby kit. The latest in sustainable hobby trend is to cut down on the items which are easily discarded, and replace it with durable alternatives. The Earthworks hobby kit replaces paper with durable cloth bags. It's a sustainable version of a colouring book. Inspired from the adult colouring book trend, we put together 4 intricate designs which are printed on our 100% Eco-friendly bags. All you need to do is fill in the colours of your choice. Oh and we have a kids version too ! This is a fun way to teach your kids about the importance of conserving our environment.

Carry Your Art


The kit comes with everything you need neatly packed in a pouch; 4 beautiful outline-printed cotton drawstring backpacks ( can be custom made in totes as well) , paints, brushes, water cup, palette and practice sheets.

* Paint kit - Fabric paint kit of 6 basic colours and 3 brushes

* Embroidery hoop - This helps you stretch the fabric out and makes it easier to paint on.

* Bio-degradable water cup & palette

* Drawstring Backpacks or Totes - The outlines of 4 beautiful designs printed on our 100% cotton drawstring backpacks or totes. These bags are pre-starched to make it easily to paint on. These backpacks can be easily machine washed and used for years to come.

Adult Edition Design Option



* Practice sheets (optional)- The designs that are printed on the bags are printed on paper for you to practice and get used to the design before you try it out on the fabric, as fabric paint is permanent !



Increases Focus - These bags unlike colouring books are a bit more challenging and requires a lot more focus, it has been proven to increase the attention span in children.

Durable- It is very easy for us to lose our children's art works, or even our own when done on paper. These bags are actually items we can carry around and the fabric paint is waterproof, so it can washed and used for years to come.

Meditative - As it require absolute focus, especially the adult version, is very therapeutic and helps you take your mind off the world for a while. It a wonderful feeling having completed the full painting and to carry it around with pride or even gift it to a loved one.

Sustainable - Paper as we know comes at a high ecological price and it is easily discarded. These cloth bags are aimed at replacing paper and serve as a bag upon completion of the activity, hence making it sustainable.

Trendy - In a world where almost everything is digitized, even leisure activities, you have the opportunity to do something different, something thoughtful with a purpose.

We can custom make these kits, you could choose your own designs to be printed and choose the number of bags you want per kit, and for other customisation inquiry, please feel free to contact us. For more details about the kit check our DIY KIT page.

- Suri

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