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Celebrating Women of Wonder - Realistic Awards 2019

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Every year Realistic Awards honors women who do commendable work in various fields of work. I had the opportunity to meet so many strong, hardworking women, most of them unsung heroines of our society. These are women are not your regular page3 celebrities, these are doctors, entrepreneurs, police officers, therapists & NGOs, and all the awardees spoke about their journey & their mission, and it was truly inspiring.

Ms. Surya Dinkar being presented an award by Mr.Anil- Pakwan, Mr.Surya Naryanan - Infosys, Dr.Manoj Beno - SIMS

My message:

Surya Dinkar at Realistic awards - Deccan Chronicle Newspaper - Chennai. March 7th 2019

" There are 2 things I care deeply about; personal health & environmental health. We can't have a sound mind in an unhealthy body and we can't have a healthy body in an unhealthy environment. In order for us to be healthy, we must approach health holistically, and not forgot our environment in the process. Our earth is a part of us. We ALL need to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle to protect our future & the future of our children"

This year Pakwan Chennai celebrated the power of womanhood through Realistic awards 2019 honoring women of distinction from various walks of life, in collaboration with TieUp , the event was hosted at Pakwan in T.nagar (Chennai) and I was honored to receive an award & recognition for the work I do in spreading awareness about environmental protection. The award was presented by Mr.Anil - Pakwan, Surya Narayanan - Infosys & Dr. Manoj Beno - SIMS.

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