The Up-cycled bags collection is an Earthworks initiative to collaborate with designers and garment manufacturers to use the excess fabric which is usually thrown away, to make colourful bags intended to prolong the life-cycle of the fabric. Fabric production is ecologically expensive; It requires large amounts of water and dyes pollute our ecosystem, hence leaves a lot of CO2 footprint. To justify the carbon footprint, the fabric produced must be durable. Excess fabric is usually shredded for industrial use. By up-cycling the fabric, we convert wastage into a sustainable product which replaces plastic bags. We make beautifully designed high-quality (jute & fabric combo) totes and backpacks. These bags can be customised by printing on the Jute part of the bag. Brands or even garment makers have an opportunity to enhance their green initiative by retailing these bags. These bags are washable, easy to maintain and durable.

Sample time:  3 weeks.

Lead time: 8 to 10 weeks. 

Standard Designs:

Jute & Up-cycled fabric DRAWSTRING BACKPACK - with inside pocket

Jute & Up-cycled fabric HANDBAG - zipper tote with inside pocket and zip

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