"Earth is everything physical:  trees, stones, mountains, animals, the planet, our physical realm and dimension, time, money, work, family, career, experience and existence. It is practical and logical and it is measurable.

Earth is order

The element earth represents stability and materialism. Earth element of the Prakriti (nature’s 5 elements) is the structure and discipline required for us to reach our highest aspirations."

Our company lays this powerful element as our foundation to work holistically to conserve our planet. 

With the increase in awareness of the harmful effects of climate change, not only businesses, but individuals are also adopting eco-friendly options in their everyday activities. We WORK towards providing a solution to the harmful effects caused by the overuse of plastic bags, by supplying trendy and durable eco-friendly shopping bags. We custom make bags with a wide range of fabrics from certified organic cotton, canvas, jute and recycled fabric, in fabulous designs. Our products are eco-friendly and we do not use harmful dyes or chemicals in our production process. We also plant a sapling for every 1000 bags sold as a gesture of gratitude to our customers.

We are indebted to our values and we offer our customers timely delivery and reliable customer care. We offer our customers functional, durable,  sustainable & INNOVATIVE design ideas to package your passion for our planet. Our design team and our freelance artists are at your service to offer you creative designs combined with thoughtful messages to enhance your brand and to retain your customer's awe. We are always exploring various natural fiber options for our bags to maintain our sustainability values and to offer you unique and trendy options. 


As committed as we are to protect our environment,  we are equally  dedicated to empower women. All of Earthworks products are manufactured by a unit comprised of 99% women employees. Our production capacity is over 5000 bags per day.  All our materials are ethically sourced and the women employees are paid more than their minimum wage besides being provided educational support for their children.

SUSTAINABILITY is our core value.

Our business model and the products  we produce are socially, ecologically and economically sustainable.

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