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"Earth is everything physical:  trees, stones, mountains, animals, the planet, our physical realm and dimension, time, money, work, family, career, experience and existence. It is practical and logical and it is measurable.

Earth is order

The element earth represents stability and materialism. Earth element of the Prakriti (nature’s 5 elements) is the structure and discipline required for us to reach our highest aspirations."

Our company lays this great element as the foundation to our holistic efforts to conserve our planet.

With the increase in awareness of harmful effects of climate change, businesses and even individuals are also adopting eco-friendly options in their everyday activities.

Our main aim is to protect our planet EARTH


We WORK towards offering high quality affordable & durable eco-friendly alternatives to disposable plastics. Empowering women is a vital mission of our company hence all our products are manufactured mainly by women.


We strive to incorporate INNOVATIVE and sustainable designs into all our products, therefore enhancing its durability, multi-functionality & reducing its consumption.


Earthworks Innovative, founded by Ms. Surya Dinkar (bio) to address the immediate concern of our environment - overuse of disposable plastic products. One of the most overused and littered items are plastic bags. Earthworks is dedicated to providing high-quality eco-friendly bags (and customised eco-friendly products) to encourage a greener lifestyle, even in cities where plastic ban is not imposed yet.

Besides our primary focus - the environment, we also care deeply about empowering women & dying Indian traditional art forms. ALL our bags are manufactured at a unit that is comprised of 99% women employees, who are paid more than the industry minimum wage and are provided with educational support for their children. We also support Indian tribal artists in hopes of empowering the artists & the art form with our hand-painted bags initiative.

We have supplied over a million bags to customers pan India & the EU since 2017. As a trusted brand, we are registered vendors for various corporates, educational institutions, and brands. We have various NGOs as our loyal customers. Our strategic partnership with these enterprises help our products reach all corners of the globe.

 As a women owned enterprise, we support other women owned businesses and start-ups by offering free consultation, design services, discounted price and flexible payment options. We encourage our customers to engage in our several of our social initiatives to enhance the sustainability value of the products purchased.

 We are indebted to our values and we offer our customers timely delivery and reliable customer care. Our design team and our freelance artists are at your service to offer you creative designs combined with thoughtful messages to enhance your brand’s value. To know more about us check out our blog.


We are a small team of eco-warriors who are committed to protecting our environment & equally dedicated to empowering women & artisans. All of Earthworks products are manufactured by a unit comprised of 99% women employees. Our production capacity is over 3000 bags per day.  All our materials are ethically sourced and the women tailors & tribal artisans are paid fair wages and offered additional support.​



​We have adopted SUSTAINABILITY as a core value for our processes. Our mission is to spread awareness & facilitate sustainable practices by offering our clients the best of ecofriendly products that are socially, ecologically and economically sustainable. To know more, get in touch with us here

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