There are numerous creative DIY kits available in the market nowadays due to rise in art related hobbies, but most these hobby kits are not sustainable;  it is made from plastic components or it is not durable or it is easily disposable. Even painting on paper is not sustainable as we tend to throw them away (which is not eco-friendly)

We at Earthworks encourage folks to use our bags as canvas / as a medium to paint on as it lasts for many years. The DIY- Carry Your Art – Standard Earthworks Kit comes with outline printed bags (totes and backpack) on which you could fill in your own choice of colours. (view gallery below named DIY Design options) we have options for young kids, older kids and adults.

The kit contains 8 items:

1.   A set of fabric paints (6 colours)

2.   Embroidery wooden hoop ( to stretch & hold fabric in place while painting)

3.   Brushes (2)

4.   Bio-degradable palette & water bowl

5.   Bags with printed design (of your choice) – (2 bags)

6.   All the above items neatly packed in a cloth drawstring pouch.

You could order these kits with your own designs printed on the bags. Get in touch with us for more info.

DYI KIT - Design Options EWDIY-1

Suitable for young art lover aged 6+

(we can custom print your design of choice on our cloth hand bag or backpack for order above 100 units) 


DYI KIT - Design Collection EWDIY-2

suitable for art lover aged 13+ or experienced art enthusiasts  


PAINT ON YOUR BAG - Art Activities for kids events

Common birthday party activity such as finger painting or palm print painting becomes even more precious when done on a cloth bag, as parents could preserve the loving memory of their young children.  Event planner who organise creative events, click here to view our options for PLAIN CLOTH BAGS FOR PAINTING. We are open to collaborations, get in touch for more info.



Since we love artists, it is especially delightful for us to see our bags being used as a medium for beautiful art works. We have a wide range of high-quality bags made especially for artists who paint/embroider on bags and retail them. Our bags are made with extra care so your art works last for many years even after multiple hand washes.

Here are some of the most the popular designs used (gallery below) If you would like any specific design or pattern or fabric get in touch with us for more info