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We make sure that we don’t violate any environmental or human rights laws and regulation

 We ensure timely delivery and reliable customer care

 We ensure the highest quality and don’t indulge in cost cutting options which affect the quality of our products

 We use eco-friendly & recyclable materials

 We don’t engage in green washing tactics

 We don’t use materials & practices that are harmful for the environment



Q: What makes Earthworks Bags special?

A: Simple & Unique design

High Quality



Thought provoking messages printed on the bag

Value for money


Q: What are Earthworks Standard models?

A: Our standard models (un-printed) that are mostly always in stock are:

  • Long handle cotton bags ( tote) 16” x 14”

  • Canvas Tote with zipper 16” x 14” x 4”

  • Natural brown jute bag 13” x 13” x 4”

  • Cotton Drawstring backpack 18 ”x 15”

  • Drawstring pouches S: 7” x 5” M:12” x 10”

  • Canvas zipper pouch 9” x 7” x 3”

  • Hand-painted tote bag 16” x 14”


Q: What is the standard fabric used?

A: Natural un-dyed - Cotton: 20s/20s 60x52 (150 GSM) Canvas 10s/10s (200 GSM) Jute 14x15 with pp lamination. Custom fabric: For orders exceeding 5000 units, fabric & construction can be custom woven & dyed.


Q: How to order a sample?

A:  We encourage our customers to order a sample before confirming orders above 1000 units as our bags are made with cotton & jute, natural fiber fabrics may vary with every production batch. To order a sample, visit for standard models. If you would like a customised sample, write to us here


Q: How much does a sample cost?

A: We value each and every product of ours which are made by hard working women employees, hence our samples are offered at MRP (GST% + Shipping fee included) on our e-store.


Q: What are the customisation options available?

A: You may customise your bags with the following elements

  1. Design: ( you can view sample designs here)

  2. Dimension : you can choose your size, keep in mind the maximum is 31” (or 80cm)

  3. Fabric: Our bags are available in organic cotton (certified), canvas, and jute and recycled fabrics. We also provide our customers with an option of hand spun & woven fabrics MOQ 5000 units & 6 weeks lead time.

  4. Colours: We can customise fabric in your choice of colour MOQ 5000 units. We encourage our customers to opt for vegetable dying. *The shade may differ slightly between batches.

  5. Print: The best ways to customise your bags are to print your unique design & logo. For order less than 1000 units, bags are silkscreen printed by hand. One time screen cost of 400 INR/ per colour applies. The printing cost depends on number of colours used and coverage area.

  6. Value add-ons: The value of the bag can be increased by including:
    Snap Buttons / Velcro Closure
    Zipper Closure
    Inside / Outside Pockets
    PP Board for stiffer bottoms
    Your company / brand name hang tags and wash care labels & Customised Packing


​Q: How long does it take to get a sample?

A: BASIC SAMPLES (without customisation):

Standard earthworks products such as Tote bags, Jute shopping bags, backpacks, pouches ( the standard dimensions are mentioned in their respective product page) & ecofriendly alternatives (seed pencil, seed paper, bamboo tooth brush. etc) without logo print or customised dimension is readily available and can be shipped within 2 working days upon placing a request & payment confirmation.

CUSTOMISED SAMPLES: Samples with custom print or design or size can be developed in 3 – 7 working days based on availability of requested fabric and additional component such zips or hooks etc. Sample making (GST% & shipping) charges apply.

For custom print; SCREEN PRINT (simple logo/design of up to 3 colours) ONE TIME SCREEN MAKING CHARGE is applicable.

DIGITAL PRINT (multi-colour / intricate designs with gradation / photographs ) - we use heat transfer printing technique for samples (and for order below 5000 units)  and traditional digital print on fabric for final order (above 5000 units) hence the sample would be transfer print for your reference and the print size is maximum A4 size (21 cm x 29.7cm) * Please email us high resolution image of the print matter in PDF or PNG or .ai formats only


Q: What is the production time?

A: Production Lead time: 3 to 6 weeks based on quantity & availability of fabric.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: YES, for samples, shipping fee 12$ onwards. Estimated delivery 7-10 business days

Q: How much does it cost for domestic shipping?

A: For Samples: Domestic (within India) Rs.70Estimated delivery time: 4 - 7 business days.

Q: What is the payment policy?

​A: 100% payment for sample making. For wholesale order, 60% advance payment after approval of sample to start production, and the balance 40% of the payment is to be made within 2 weeks of delivery. * Flexible payment options available for women owned businesses & start-ups


Q: Can we visit the production facility?

A: YES you may, get in touch with us for more info.


Disclaimer* Earthworks bags are made from a natural fiber and we use vegetable dyes & hand screen printing, variation should be well accepted as a beauty of the product and should not be treated as a flaw.


In short, we do not sell your personal information to any other party or bombard you with unncessary emails. If you would like to read more click here

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