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Indian Traditional Art
Art must not be confined to a wall, it must be carried around for the world to admire it too.  

Saving Our Indian Traditional Art forms 

Indian Traditional & tribal art forms which are 1000s of years old, are in dire need of support. Every art is unique, it’s a lot more than just colours, shapes & motifs. Traditional art was used to articulate mythology, folk lore & religious connotations; it was our way of storytelling. 

The skill & knowledge is passed on from one generation to another, there is no formal or mainstream art schools which offer education in these traditonal art forms. Many art forms are at risk as the younger generation is not taking up the profession as the income for these artisans and their communities have reduced drastically due to our digital age. They are victims of plagiarism; folks nowadays download images from internet and replicate them by digital print. This is why saving our traditional arts forms has become one of our prior missions. We work with several communities across India including Patachitra (Orrisa) , Santhal ( West Bengal) , Gond ( Madhya Pradesh) and many more (soon to be launched).


How we work:

* We commission art work on canvas and make beautiful bags, cushion covers & other eco-friendly & sustainable decors

 * We have removed the religious element of their art forms and request our artists to use nature as inspiration as it highlights nature conservation.

* We give the artisans complete creative freedom and only guide them as to which animal/nature element needs to enhanced, based on client’s requirement.

* We ensure that at least 60% of the group that is working on the project are youth, our main mission is to encourage the younger generation to preserve traditional art forms.

* We do not bargain on pricing the artists request for commissioned work. Earthworks Innovative only charges for raw materials supplied and stitching charges, ensuring all profits go to the artisan community.

How you can support this cause:

* Buy one of our artisan collection

* Spread the word by sharing this web-page with #earthworksinnovative #carryyourart #indiantribalartbags

* We are looking for long term projects ( bulk quantity ) to help sustain the livelihood of these communities; as post pandemic, these artists who usually sell their art in events & exhibitions has reduced their income drastically.

* More information - BLOG

Handpainted bags - 
SANTHAL (West Bengal) 

Handpainted bags - 
GOND ART (Madhya Pradesh) 

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