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Earthworks - How it started

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The earliest memory of my childhood was me spending time at my untended backyard besides the well. That was also the spot where our dog used to hangout. We didn’t play with toys as kids, we played with nature. My father who occasionally tends our wild garden used to bring us various insects and tell us what they were. I used to play with the caterpillar on a stick and my brother would collect earthworms for his fish. We as a family have this inexplicable love for nature and I am so thankful for that, cause those sensitivities groomed us into the caring adults we are today. Although we moved to the city when I was 6 years old, I always found a way to satisfy my craving to be with plants and animals.

This pic was taken after I removed the plastic bag and feed him some leaves I plucked from the tree

Fast forward to 2017, I went on a trip to Masinagudi and at the outskirts of the wildlife reserve; I saw a bunch of cows chewing on plastic. I was mortified. I ran up to the smallest calf and literally pulled the plastic out of her throat. It was one of the saddest moments of my life, and also a life changing one. I had moved to Europe in 2013 and it felt like heaven there mostly because the rubbish was managed so well and people were so eco-sensitive. I worked for an NGO in Holland where I understood how to address issues concerning environment and through my travels and observations, I realized that it all lies in people’s habits. An Individual's knowledge and habits influences everyone and everything around them.

There has been an increase in awareness of harmful effects of plastics, climate change & general holistic health and wellness in the past few years. Thanks to the efforts of scientific organizations, media agencies and celebrity endorsements. The good news is that the message is out there, but the hard part is to incorporate eco-friendly and healthy lifestyles in our fast paced lives. We want everything cheap, instant and disposable. Plastic bags are one of our biggest and the most dangerous pollutants that affect all creatures of our eco-system. Convenience is a priority and plastic bags are the easiest and the cheapest option around (besides being a multibillion $ industry).

Many states in India and around the world have banned the use of plastic bags, but for those living in other cities, eco-friendly bags as an option is the only solution. I strongly believe that by incorporating small yet significant habits, would certainly influence a larger goal. So I decided to launch Earthworks Innovative to not only provide sustainable and trendy eco-friendly bags to retail chains, but also to offer my customers (brands) to opt for innovative packaging using eco-friendly materials to address the lack of creativity in the market.

Bags are not just functional accessories, but also a statement a person wears, it carries a big message. Light spreads. It conquers darkness. I believe that inspirational actions also spreads like light, it touches everyone who sees it. I hope to spread this SOS message of our planet through functional, durable & trendy earthworks bags that people will use for years to come.

I hope you all support me on my journey to help save the environment <3

- Suri

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