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Colourful Jute & Canvas TOTES by EARTHWORKS

The much awaited Jute and Canvas totes are now available

TOTE bags are the most multi-functional accessories around. We use it for shopping groceries or even our carry basic necessities to run errands. The Earthworks jute and canvas combo bag is EXTRA multi-functional, because its is extra durable and can carry up to 10kgs at ease. That's more weight than a regular cloth bag can handle.

These bags can carry laptops, charger and books all in one bag. The 16" x 14" dimension makes it comfortable to carry over the shoulder.

They are easily foldable and can be stored comfortably in a handbag or in your car. They can be machine washed and the pp lining helps maintain the shape of the bag for years to come. The handle is made from jute ( on the outside) and cotton canvas ( on the inside) which reduces the stress of the weight carried over the shoulder. These handles are 1.5" thick and it helps distribute the weight of the content evenly, making it comfortable to carry around all day. the regular TOTES available in the market are 1" thick and the uneven distribution of the weight causes discomfort and doesn't retain the shape of the bag.

The jute and canvas totes are available in various colour combinations with beautiful print options. This is a perfect accessory to clothing brands who are looking to enhance their brand reach. The bags can be customised by adding extra pockets ( inside and outside the bag) zips, etc.

These totes are available in packs of 4 and make a thoughtful gift option for family and friends who love eco-friendly products. click here for options

Be thoughtful.

Go green.

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