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2017 - What a year !

2017 has been a marvelous year for Earthworks Innovative.

The passion to conserve has always been there since I was a child, but the idea to combat disposable plastics popped up in FEBRUARY. I traveled down south (India) to my native to gather inspiration in MAY and realized the problem with plastic polluting our environment is more deep rooted, so my commitment towards combating this problem grew stronger. In JUNE, I spent a lot of time in factories that manufactured cloth bags and observed a lack of depth and understanding of the product and design. In JULY, I fortunately met the manufacturer who inspired me to take my dream further, for he not only showed me the importance of offering 100% eco-friendly and high-quality products to clients, but also the importance of empowering women.

In AUGUST, I officially launched earthworks and first clients were friends & well-wishers. In SEPTEMBER, Earthworks hit retail stores and was well accepted by my target group, Eco-conscious urban folks. I am especially happy to see light-weight backpacks available in Chennai- my hometown which was earlier not avaliable . In OCTOBER, Earthworks saw a growth in the B2B sector and in NOVEMBER Earthworks crossed overseas to Australia.

Now, the company is expanding and diversifying with new up-cycling and recycling projects on the cards,

I couldn't be happier.

I would like to thank everyone who trusted me and helped me through my journey this year and I hope you continue to lend you support for years to come. I am especially grateful to my clients who took a chance on me and opted for eco-friendly alternatives from Earthworks; and inspired others to do so as well.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year


Suri Dinkar

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