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Eco-Friendly Mail Packaging

Get CREATIVE with your mail packaging and leave a long-lasting impression on your clients/loved ones as you mail them gifts during festive seasons. Try Earthworks' customised gift pouches which serve as a mail cover. These eco-friendly, 100% bio-degradable ( also available in organic cotton) pouches are can be reused to store small items such as stationary, cosmetics or even as a travel pack,


Eco-conscious brands can print their message on the backside of the pouches.

These pouches are re-used by your clients which uplift's the brand's visibility and image. The cotton fabric makes a great canvas for creative artworks as well.


If you are a eco-warrior who is passionate about conserving the environment and help promoting the Green message, then this is a perfect option for you. The cotton canvas allows you to write the address on top effortlessly. The red ribbon on top makes the package look unique and leaves a lasting impression on your loved ones.

Earthworks cloth mail pouches

* The standard pouch is 12" x 10" ( can be customised)

* Satin Ribbon ( available in various colours)

* Package can be stapled on top to secure the contents.

* Tamper proof

* Washable & Reusable

* 100% Bio-Degradable

* Available in packs of 10, 20 & 50.

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