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Earthworks Innovative felicitated at Solid Waste Management Awareness event organised by Rotary Club

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The Rotary Club of Trichirapalli RI Dist.3000 (PHOENIX club no.89645) organised an event on 3rd November 2018, to raise awareness about the importance of conserving our environment. With the plastic ban soon to be effective across Tamilnadu (South India), this event was intended to inspire citizens to keep our surroundings clean and mainly to avoid using disposable plastics.

Founder Surya Dinkar gifts honored guests with Earthworks Bags to encourage them to avoid plastic bags

The event was held at Nest Matriculation Higher Secondary School - Trichy. The student and staff of the school members organised brilliant performances which had a powerful message about environmental conservation and dangers of littering. Notable change makers and government officials of the district attended the event such as Rtn.RVN Kannan ( Deputy Governor ), Rtn. Ramesh Babu & deputy collector.

Founder of Earthworks Innovative, Surya Dinkar was invited to speak to students and parents about the importance of sustainability and the harmful effects of one-time-use plastics, and to inspire them to use reusable bags to reduce consumption and littering.

She was awarded a memo of recognition for the work she does for women empowerment and environment conservation.

Surya Dinkar, founder of Earthworks speaking to students about the importance of avoiding plastic bags and to be innovative about up-cycling and recycling

It was truly inspiring to see school children take keen interest in using cloth bags.

Students of NEST Matriculation School

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