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Why retailers should consider Earthworks' DRAWSTRING BACKPACK as shopping bags

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

India has overtaken China to emerge as the world's biggest market for two-wheelers. A total of 17.7 million two-wheelers were sold here last year ! So that means at least half of them go to supermarkets on their bikes.

Given that most people in India ride two-wheelers, many retail outlets don't address the needs of folks who ride a bicycle or two-wheelers. It is inconvenient for them to carry groceries in a plastic bag or even a tote bag on a bike.

Earthworks' drawstring backpack addresses this need for convenience by providing lightweight, affordable backpacks as shopping bags for supermarkets and retail chains. The lightweight bag is foldable and easy to carry or store. They are available in cotton, canvas or jute ( pp lined canvas and laminated jute as well). These durable bags are machine washable and can carry up to full bag of groceries.

Retailers must consider giving their customers who ride two-wheelers an option of a lightweight drawstring backpack because carrying groceries over the shoulders in the drawstring bag makes the ride home COMFORTABLE and STRESS-FREE as they don't have to worry about the groceries falling out!

The high-quality cotton canvas is an ideal material for beautiful prints. Retail chain can add their special message along with their branding which their customers can carry for the world to see. Give your customers an option of stress-free ride back home after shopping at your store by providing them Earthworks drawstring backpacks.

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- Suri

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