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This festive season,

Be a part of the go green trend,

Gift a plant.

This not only makes your idea unique but also helps to save the future of this planet.

This thoughtful gift is especially interesting for children, as they can learn the importance of saving the environment. And by caring for their pet plant; they also learn importance of responsibility and it is a great opportunity to get them interested in science as well. Most of us don’t have the luxury of having a private garden, but indoor plants can be a breath of fresh air ( literally) which gives enhances the aesthetics of the house as well. Encouraging your children to grow a plant not only influences them, but also their friends, therefore spread awareness of having a green home.

So for your child’s next birthday party, opt for a sapling as a return gift.

Earthworks packages saplings in our eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable jute bags which keep the sapling fresh for up to 2 weeks. Most nursery give away saplings in plastic covers (for various reasons of convenience) which doesn’t serve the purpose. We wrap the saplings in jute as it also helps conserve moisture and regulates the soil temperature. We also add an additional customized note to the beautifully wrapped sapling gift to make it more appealing to young children.

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